Adam Crews began his photographic journey at the age of 13, when he was handed a humble old Pentax camera by his father. He soon became fascinated with the prospect of capturing the diversity and character of outback Australia on film. Adam now treks to all corners of planet Earth in pursuit of capturing the ethereal magic in landscape photographs.
With a penchant for adventure and an infatuation with capturing timeless images of natures grace, Adam has adventured around the globe, scaling mountains, crossing raging rivers and exploring glaciers. Notable experiences include hiking in the extreme conditions around Mount Everest and walking the grueling Kokoda Track - all whilst capturing amazing images. His Australian passport includes recent stamps from Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Canada, Norway, Papua New Guinea, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the USA. 
However, his pursuit of beauty in the natural world has caused more than a few casualties with many cameras not making it to see another day - either being dropped and shattered or flooded by salt water - and images being lost forever. Now, most of Adam’s collection has been captured on his beloved Fuji G617, but in mid-2012, he upgraded to the pinnacle of panoramic cameras, the Linhof Technorama 617s III.
Completely self-taught, Adam Crews has now risen to become one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers with an international following consistently growing. Adam, at only 34 years old, boasts a huge Limited Edition collection, 32 International Awards and a large clientele of private collectors. Adam Crews now extends his expertise to assist others in their quest for capturing beautiful images.
“The joy for me is the knowledge that the viewer enjoys the same experience I did when capturing the image. Every image in my collection has a story and an experience behind it. I love being able to share that.”
Adam is on a constant quest to perfect his art and fine tune his ability to capture the spirit of the natural landscape and world as he sees it.
7 x Bronze Awards - Epson International Pano Awards
'Camel Rock Moods', 'Lone Tree Road', 'Loch Ard Gorge', 'Ice Rock', 'Road to Wilson', 'Over the Rainbow', 'Jurassic'
5 x Bronze Awards - Epson International Pano Awards
'Brooklyn', 'Grand Canal', 'Great Southern Land', 'Tropic Light', 'Sacred'
1 x Official Selection (Shortlisted) - Kontinent Awards
'Arctic Light'
2 x Bronze Awards - International Loupe Awards
'Supermoon', 'Fire Rock'.
3 x Bronze Awards - Epson International Pano Awards
'Venice Dreaming', 'Fjord Reflections', 'Mountain Glow'.
9 x Bronze Awards - Epson International Pano Awards
'Schwabachers Landing', 'Morning Mist', 'Frozen In Time', 'Tropical Jewel', 'Into the Wild', 'Bliss', 'La Push', 'Tropic Light', 'Jewel'.
2 x Bronze Awards - International Loupe Awards
'Serenity', 'Arctic Light'.
3 x Bronze Awards - Epson International Pano Awards
'Sacred', 'Island Hideaway', 'Enlighten'.